Avoid These Four Common Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes

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Avoid These Four Common Bathroom Remodelling MistakesBathroom remodelling projects top many homeowners’ wish lists, but that also means they rank highly on the list of biggest renovation regrets. With so many decisions around layout, finishes, fixtures, and more, it’s easy to make mistakes. Read on as we detail some of the most frequent bathroom remodelling mishaps and how to avoid them for a seamless, stress-free project.

  1. Underestimating Your Budget. One of the most common mistakes is not allocating enough funds. Besides procuring materials, bathroom remodels involve several other costs, like labour. These additional costs contribute to as much as two-thirds of your bathroom remodelling costs. Failure to budget for them adequately will force you to stall or cut corners, leaving you with an unfinished space. You should also pad your budget with an extra 10% for surprise expenses.
  2. Not Having a Clear Plan. It’s tempting to jump right in, but careful planning is key to any successful bathroom remodel. Take time to envision the whole space so every choice aligns with your dream bathroom. Map out your layout, choose finishes, select fixtures, and decide on storage well beforehand. This will prevent major renovation issues when changing course is too late or expensive.
  3. Forgetting About Storage. Many homeowners often focus on aesthetics and neglect their bathrooms’ storage needs. Without enough storage for towels and toiletries, your bathroom will only end up cluttered. So, include plenty of drawers, cabinetry, and shelving in the plan from the start. Space-saving solutions like floating vanities can also help maximize room.
  4. Choosing Low-Quality Finishes. Cheaping out on materials to cut costs is a rookie bathroom remodelling mistake. For instance, low-grade tiles and grout won’t stand the test of time or moisture. Instead, you should make a point of investing in high-quality, durable finishes suited to the humidity of bathrooms. You’ll save money in the long run.